Samantha Seaton
1 min readNov 1, 2021

He just always tries to do whatever is the most right.

He’s so good. Definitely not perfect but that’s what makes him so good.

Despite all the “imperfections” there’s still that strong internal moral compass and a willingness to do good.

And like, that is such an important trait to me.

I truly believe he loves me and wants what’s best for me.

He loves me consistently and strongly. I feel the same about him. I’m finally starting to trust that this is real and that I deserve it.

This of course doesn’t mean that self sabotaging thoughts won’t continue to come up. But I know very well what they are now and I can be with them without calling them truth. They’re stories designed to protect me. But why would I ever want to protect myself from being loved so fully? Even if this all goes south one day, this love is so worth it. And I mean that with everything I have.

There’s a stark difference between seeing the good in people and putting them on a pedestal. I do a lot of the latter, but choosing the former and also recognizing that everyone has their own personal shit and accepting that fact is so liberating, if not hard at times to do.

I’ve said this for a while now — this is someone I’m absolutely willing to put in the work for. Which feels so nice to say. I want a relationship to make me better, to make me more myself. I’ve never felt so me.

Samantha Seaton

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