I talked to him about how I was feeling about never seeing him.

It was received so beautifully. I feel so much better recognizing that this was something I was struggling with and feeling comfortable and confident enough to express it in a way that was honest and accurate.

I’m so happy in this and it freaks me out sometimes. It’s hard to believe it’s real.

I was washing dishes earlier and was thinking about how I was feeling right before Zach and I split up and ultimately what made me realize it was never going to work out. I knew SOMETHING was missing but I didn’t know what exactly that thing was. But I knew it was something I wanted and needed to find and I wasn’t going to find it with this person. And so I took a huge gamble and left a relationship where everything was seemingly fine in hopes of finding this “thing”. Anyway, I realized while I was scrubbing a plate that this feeling I get with Nick is exactly the thing I was looking for. I’m so glad I trusted myself. I’m so fucking happy.