So I finally did the thing that I had been thinking about doing for MONTHS. Putting my intention out into the world to breathe people. It’s funny to think about all the time I spent emotionally and mentally laboring over how to extend this invitation to breathe to a bunch of people at once. I wanted my message to be “perfect”. I was thinking too much about selling it as opposed to telling my story and presenting it in a way that could be relatable to someone reading it. This thing that I had felt so weird about doing for so long ended up being one of the easiest things ever. I just sat down on the couch one evening and it fell out of me. I couldn’t stop writing and everything just flowed so naturally. I knew that I had to just let this out and post it and accept whatever came. It did what I always expected it to, which was open the avenue for people to reach out about the breath. I think this was one of the things holding me back, and something that I am grateful I held off on because I don’t think I would have been prepared for what came out of this sharing. Even now, I feel a bit overwhelmed and nervous about this energy coming my way. I feel anxious about it right now. I take this sort of thing very seriously, and I want to do everything “right”. Plus, this involves me doing one of the things that’s always been hardest for me, which is connecting with people so honestly, so raw. It’s a scary feat that I’m both petrified of and also feel like I’m perfectly equipped to do so. It’s hilarious to see the dichotomy in my feelings around this. Being uncomfortable is kind of my “thing”. I hate it and I love it. To sit in this stirred feeling feels weird but also good. It’s how I know I’m growing. It’s like riding a roller coaster! I get on it knowing that it’s gonna make me feel a certain way. But the rush I get is worth the fear. This is similar. I finally feel ready to push myself in this way. I’m curious to see where I go.

Just a lady (she/her) who thought she knew what she was doing, only to find she hadn’t even scratched the surface.